About Us

The University of Toronto Career Centre built the Career Navigator website to help our students with career research and planning. Career Navigator connects a strong network of Alumni who, when they share their stories, provide examples of all that is possible with a University of Toronto degree.

Your program of study, along with your professional and life experiences and the connections you make along the way, will allow you to actively explore what interests you, to build the skills you would like to harness in your future career.

The world is growing in complexity and opportunity. The Career Navigator along with other resources, workshops and events hosted by the Career Centre can support you in making the most of your academic, co-curricular and work experiences to help inform your career decisions.

Your University of Toronto degree doesn’t train you for one career, it prepares you for many; like research, education, healthcare, communications, entrepreneurship and many other options.

Your degree is just one of many facets that will define your career path. 

Get in touch by visiting Career Centre website to continue navigating your career path.


  • Labour market information is drawn from the Statistics Canada Job Bank Career Tool, visit the Statistics Canada tool by clicking here. Wages and rates of employment are reflective of programs of study at the Bachelor’s degree level for all Canadian universities.
  • Key industries are drawn from the LinkedIn Alumni Tool, click here to visit.
  • Graduate and professional school options and key skills were listed by faculty and staff in participating programs of study.